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Stakeholder input wanted: survey on research needs for assessing GMO impacts 

Shaping the Future of GMO Research

Stakeholder with interests in the risk and/or benefit assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are invited to take part in an online survey.

The aim of this survey is to identify which research needs should be prioritised, thereby contributing to the commissioning of research on the health, environment and economic impacts of GMOs.

The survey will close on 15th July 2015.

More information and access to the online survey

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News Messages
2006 Second Term

29 December 2006
Genetically modified crops can bring economic benefits
Growing genetically modified crops can result in economic benefits for farmers. This is the conclusion of a study by the European Joint Research Centre (JRC). However, the ...

19 December 2006
EFSA seeks opinions on safety assessment
On 15 December, the European Safety Authority (EFSA) published a draft report on the role of animal feeding trials in the safety assessment of foods and feed which have been ...

13 December 2006
DemoSCOPE Poll: Acceptance of Green Gene Technology is growing in Switzerland
A referendum among Swiss citizens in 2005 showed that more than half of the voting public agreed with a five-year moratorium on the application of gene technology in ...

06 December 2006
No qualified majority for approval of GM potato "Amflora"
On Monday, the Standing Committee of EU environment experts conferred on the first approval for commercial cultivation of a genetically modified plant since 1998. Based on ...

30 November 2006
US Department of Agriculture deregulates GM rice LL601
On 24 November 2006, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the genetically modified rice LL601 for deregulation. The authority assessed the rice, which has been ...

30 November 2006
Hungary enacts restrcitive GM crop law
On 27 November 2006, the Hungarian parliament passed a new act on genetically modified crops. The legislation severely restricts the cultivation of GMOs and is considered to ...

29 November 2006
US company has developed new GM technology
Creating genetically modified plants has always been a long and expensive process, accompanied by uncertainties. On November 16, the US biotech firm Cibus LLC presented a new ...

27 November 2006
GM Potatoes: Soon to be approved for cultivation in the EU
For the first time since 1998, a genetically modified plant may be approved for cultivation in the EU. A draft document from Stavros Dimas, Commissioner for the Environment, ...

27 November 2006 Information portal brings transparency to biosafety research
Does genetically modified maize have an impact on beneficial insects? How does genetically modified oilseed rape affect pollen-collecting bees? How can transgenic pollen and ...

27 November 2006
Scientist develop edible GM cotton
US researchers have created a genetically modified cotton which produces seeds without gossypol. Gossypol, an insecticide which is naturally present in the seeds, is ...

22 November 2006
EU: Renewal of approval for existing GM products
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published draft guidelines for the renewal of approval for genetically modified plants and derived food and feed. Primarily, ...

09 November 2006
Swiss literature study finds no significant environmental impact of GM crops
GM cropping systems must be compared with the existing alternative: conventional farming. In a large literature study by Swiss Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station ...

02 November 2006
Coexistence: Britain's organic farmers see "all the risk and no benefit"
Organic farmers in the UK agree that coexistence regulations are necessary, since GM cultivations seem inevitable. A few days before the Department for Environment, Food and ...

23 October 2006
European Parliament holds public hearing on biotechnology
On 10 October, the European Parliament held a public hearing on genetically modified plants and on co-existence. The statements of the different speakers reflected the ...

20 October 2006
Germany likely to review GMO authorisation procedure during upcoming EU Presidency
German State Secretary Gert Lindemann has told the journal Agra-Europe that Germany will use its EU Presidency in the first half of 2007 to take a look at the procedure for ...

20 October 2006
Commission to act against national bans on GMOs in Austria and Poland
On 12 October 2006, the European Commission opened infringement proceedings against Poland over the country's ban on all cultivation of genetically modified plants. The ...

13 October 2006
Majority of the world's soybean production is genetically modified
According to Brazilian officials, genetically modified cultivars will account for at least 50 percent of the total soybean planting in the next cropping season. The Brazilian ...

13 October 2006
GM rice LL601: More tests and import stops
On 4 October, the European Commission announced a proposal to introduce mandatory testing of rice imports from the USA. This proposal will be reviewed by farm experts for 15 ...

09 October 2006
Verdict in WTO conflict: EU moratorium on approval of GMOs was unlawful
Between 1998 and 2003, the treaties of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) were violated by the EU moratorium on approval of genetically modified plants, and of food and feed ...

29 September 2006
Germany: Unapproved GM rice from China found
In tests carried out on individual foodstuffs, a genetically modified rice strain from China has been detected by food inspection authorities in Lower Saxony, Hesse and ...

28 September 2006
ISAAA: GM cultivation to double worldwide by 2015
The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications, ISAAA, an agency primarily active in developing countries, has published a prognosis of doubled ...

26 September 2006
Application for field trials with GM grapevine in South Africa
Scientists at the Institute for Wine Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, have applied for the approval of field trials with genetically modified ...

20 September 2006
Hungary's ban on GM maize persists
On Monday, the EU voted on an important question related to genetically modified crops. A committee of EU-25 biotech experts decided that Hungary will not have to lift its ...

19 September 2006
GM Rapeseed Ms8xRf3: Stalemate again in Council of Ministers
Once again, the EU member states were unable to agree upon a decision on the approval of a genetically modified product. This time, the subject for debate was the import and ...

18 September 2006
France loses ground as GM haven
According to the French Association of Cereal Growers (AGPB), the French biotechnology company Biogemma is considering waiving all further field trials with genetically ...

15 September 2006
EFSA statement on GM rice LLRICE601
"The GMO Panel has evaluated the available scientific data on LLRICE601. According to the Statement of the Panel issued today there is insufficient data to provide a full ...

13 September 2006
USDA moves to deregulate controversial Bayer rice
The United States Department of Agriculture has initiated the process of deregulation for an unapproved, genetically-modified variety of long-grain rice, known as LL RICE ...

12 September 2006
Tightened import controls in Europe detect unauthorised GM rice
Only a month after the EU tightened requirements on US long-grain rice imports, illegal GM rice has been detected in Rotterdam confirming the need for strict controls. ...

08 September 2006
EU commission demands strict controls for GM rice by European food importers
Alerted by environmentalists’ recent finding of unauthorised Chinese GM rice in European food imports, the European Commission warns operators to keep illegal food products ...

04 September 2006
Test kit for LLRice 601 announced
On 01 September, the effectiveness of a 10-minute test kit for LLRice 601 (a GM product currently without approval) was confirmed by the US Department of Agriculture. Rice ...

04 September 2006
Romania: Joining the EU troubles GM soy bean farmers
On 01 January 2006, Romania will join the European Union. While the public broadly appreciates this step, soy bean farmers are afraid: Most of them cultivate ...

28 August 2006
Detection method available for GM rice LL601
Since Monday this week, food surveillance authorities in EU member states can test imports of long-grain rice for contamination with the unauthorised GM rice LL601. After ...

23 August 2006
EU restricts import of US rice after contamination with GM rice
In the USA, traces of non-approved genetically modified rice have been found. The GM rice, called LL601, has been genetically modified to be resistant to herbicides ...

21 August 2006
First GM wines to hit US markets this year
The US wine industry has developed a strain of yeast to eliminate certain chemicals which, in red wine, are believed to trigger headaches and migraines in some people. ...

07 August 2006
First-time approval of pharmaceuticals from transgenic animals - GTC Biotherapeutics announces approval of ATryn
For the first time, the European Commission has given market approval for a pharmaceutical product derived from genetically modified animals. It is called ATryn, is extracted ...

04 August 2006
GMO Battle in France Heats Up
Anti-GMO activists have stepped up attacks on GMO plantings in France, now for the first time extending action to commercial GM fields. Previously, only non-commercial field ...

31 July 2006
Bt Maize in Spain: Greater Quantity, Higher Quality
Bt maize planted in 2005 not only boosted yield for Spanish farmers – those who went GM also enjoyed higher grain quality in critical areas such as grain moisture and ...

29 July 2006
Success of Bt Cotton in China May Be Thwarted by Secondary Pests
Bt maize in China seems to be working like a charm. The crop’s major pest, the cotton bollworm, is nowhere to be found on GM cotton fields, and the pest does not yet appear ...

27 July 2006
French Court Orders Greenpeace to Withdraw Map of GM Plantings
A court in Paris ordered Greenpeace to take a map off its french website detailing the locations of GM plantings throughout the country. The decision stems from a complaint ...

21 July 2006
UK Moves Forward with Coexistence Plans
Defra, the UK’s Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, proposed measures yesterday for securing coexistence between GM, conventional, and organic crops. A 92 ...

19 July 2006
Biotech Company Announces Plan to Market Plant-made Human Insulin
The Canadian biotech company SemBioSys announced yesterday that it has developed transgenic safflower that bears seeds harbouring human insulin. The company predicts that the ...

11 July 2006
USA: GM Crops Still Gaining Ground
The American market for biotech crops has still not been saturated. The latest report from the US Department of Agriculture’s statistics service confirms that once again in ...

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