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Stakeholder input wanted: survey on research needs for assessing GMO impacts 

Shaping the Future of GMO Research

Stakeholder with interests in the risk and/or benefit assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are invited to take part in an online survey.

The aim of this survey is to identify which research needs should be prioritised, thereby contributing to the commissioning of research on the health, environment and economic impacts of GMOs.

The survey will close on 15th July 2015.

More information and access to the online survey

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News Messages
2006 First Term

29 June 2006
EFSA: New Initiatives to Enhance Teamwork with Member States
With the EU Environmental Council’s June 27th discussion on GMOs approaching, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) informed the Council in an open letter of its ongoing ...

26 June 2006
Authorisation Sought for Fish Protein in Low-fat Ice Cream
The food company Unilever has sought permission from the UK’s Food Standards Agency to use a fish-derived protein as a novel ingredient in ice cream. The protein lowers the ...

26 June 2006
Indian Company Develops Home-grown Bt-Cotton
Field tests are now underway with India’s first home-grown Bt-cotton varieties. The Bangalore based biotech company Metahelix is set to release its own Bt-cotton lines ...

20 June 2006
Majority of Europeans Believe Biotech Will Improve Quality of Life
The findings of a new Eurobarometer survey on the attitudes of Europeans toward biotechnology was presented in Brussels on Thursday. The study reveals that 52 percent of ...

08 June 2006
17 New GMO Field Trials Approved in France for 2006
French agricultural minister Dominique Bussereau authorised 17 new field trials with transgenic maize and tobacco on May 19th. The tests were deemed safe for environment and ...

24 May 2006
Field Trial with GM Potatoes in Ireland Withdrawn
The German chemical and biotech company BASF announced the withdrawal of its planned 4 year field trial with GM potatoes in Meath Co., Ireland. The potatoes are genetically ...

23 May 2006
EU Council of Ministers: Disagreement over Threshold for GMO Traces in Organic Goods
The EU Agriculture Council was unable to agree on a threshold limit for traces of GMOs in organic products. The council opened debate on the topic for the first time on ...

12 May 2006
Bt Maize in the EU: Plantings Expanding in France and in the Czech Republic
Preliminary statistics on the 2006 growing season are suggesting that Bt maize production is continuing to expand in Europe. France and the Czech Republic are posting the ...

12 May 2006
WTO: The EU’s Former Moratorium on GMO Approvals Violated Free Trade Agreements
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) released its official decision on the trade dispute over GMOs between the EU and a group of agro-product exporters led by the United ...

12 May 2006
Slovakia Authorises First GMO Field Trials
In late April, the Slovak government authorised field trials with genetically modified MON 810 maize at three undisclosed locations. The total area of the field trials is ...

10 May 2006
Poland Eyes National Ban on GMOs
The Polish parliament is in the midst of finalising a piece of legislation set to restrict the sale and registration of GM crops. The extent to which the law will keep ...

12 April 2006
European Commission Releases New Plan to Address GMO Safety Concerns Raised by Member States
The European Commission released a statement today stating its willingness to accept more input from Member States regarding its safety assessments of genetically modified ...

06 April 2006
Experts Gather in Vienna to Discuss Coexistence
The European Commission in association with the Austrian presidency of the European Union held a conference in Vienna entitled “Freedom of Choice” on the coexistence of ...

23 March 2006
Application Submitted: GM Maize for Bioethanol Production
The Swiss agribiotech company Syngenta recently submitted an application to the EU for the authorisation of a new line of GM maize intended to facilitate ethanol fuel ...

19 March 2006
Cartagena Protocol: Stricter GMO Labelling in 2012
As of 2012, precise labelling must accompany international shipments of agricultural products containing genetically modified organisms. This was the final outcome of the ...

11 March 2006
European Commission: No EU-wide Rules for Coexistence
For the time being, measures for ensuring the coexistence of genetically modified crops with conventional agriculture will remain up to the individual Member States. The ...

08 March 2006
Roundup Ready Alfalfa: New Biotech Crop Enters Market
Monsanto, the world’s largest agro-biotech company, has begun selling it’s Roundup Ready alfalfa seed to farmers in the United States. After soybean, maize, cotton, and ...

03 March 2006
European Commission Authorises 1507 Maize for Food Use
The European Commission has authorised the food use of 1507 maize. 1057 is a transgenic maize line developed by the companies Pioneer and Dow AgroScience. It offers ...

25 February 2006
EFSA’s Opinion on GM Starch Potato: No Threat to Health and Environment
On February 25th, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released its opinion on the safety of the transgenic amylopectin starch potato. Based on a comprehensive ...

25 February 2006
EU Releases New Study on GM Plants: Coexistence Possible
The coexistence of genetically modified and conventional crops in European agriculture is not expected to pose major problems. This was the main finding of a new report on ...

07 February 2006
WTO: EU’s GMO Policies Violate Trade Agreements
The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled in favour of the United States, Canada, and Argentina in a battle against the EU’s policies on GMOs. The three countries filed ...

27 January 2006
Application Submitted for Maize With Altered Amino Acid Composition
For the first time ever, an application was submitted to the EU for the authorisation of a GM crop with modified nutritional value. The new line of maize was developed by ...

16 January 2006
European Commission Grants Authorisation to Three GM Maize Lines
On January 13th, the European Commission granted authorisation to three new lines of genetically modified maize. The decisions pertain to the maize lines MON 863, GA21, and a ...

13 January 2006
Worldwide GMO Production Reaches 90 Million Hectares
In the 2005 growing season, worldwide production of genetically modified crops increased by 11 percent compared to the previous year. Today’s transgenic crops are ...

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